About Us

Our History

Partnership | Friendship


First opened in October 1984 and ever since then the FLAME DINER partnership has grown to be what it is today. Both Ted (Left) and Andre (Right) based their partnership on a friendship. The kind of friendship that seemed more like family. This has had it influence on the Diner as most people feel that the Flame Diner is the place for family to connect, have fun and celebrate together.

Great Peeps | Great Food!


With over a decade of experience in serving our customers we have developed a extensive menu that has proven itself in the market over and over again. We are proud of our BIG BOY burger and challenge to try it for taste and try it for size...!

Flame Diner Franchise


The Original Flame Diner has taken on a powerful facelift and become more relevant in our community giving others the opportunity to gain from our growth and experiences we have in this field. We can see that soon we will be opening up doors all over the country and this excites us as it establishes that fact that our menu is not only delicious but incredibly valuable. We appreciate all our customers support over the years

The Future


Our passion is to see this brand and menu become a household name. We believe that FLAME DINERS country wide will be beneficial to people throughout South Africa. Our hope is that we will be able to contribute to our countries economy by employing many more people and strengthen our market in SA through our ability to develop a sustainable income for our employees as well helping them to climb the ladder of success.